Henna on Arabian Nights

I enjoyed alot this time in Arabian Nights henna party. Some lovely ladies in their Gorgeous looks had henna in Arabian nights. I was so busy in henna didn’t remember to take pictures of each and every beautiful lady but when I got a chance I did some clicks.
Not all clicks wrre clear but here are good once and I am so glad to share these pictures.


Some close up of this one below.



Some loved henna footies…




Some liked this type designs very much on hands.




Hope you like them. Please like, comment and share. It helps me improve even better.

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Silk Shibori

Hi friends,
It’s been a long time I haven’t shared anything new from my blog.
I am exploring and experimenting new dyeing and designing process.
Yaah my latest crush is Shibori dyeing. I must say am lov’n it. πŸ˜—πŸ˜šπŸ’›

Here is the silk scarf.


It’s a great experience to share something unique.
I have made some more Shibori Scarves and Shawls. If anybody interested please contact me directly.

Hope all you friends supporting me by like, comment & share.

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Hair Henna Recipe

As I have said in my earlier blog I would share my henna designs & henna recipes. I am sure you must be enjoying the henne pictures shared here.

Now I am sharing with you all a very useful henna mixing recipe for coloring your hair.

Hair Henna Mixing Recipe:

200mg Henna powder
25mg Dry Amla powder
50ml Turmarind concentrated juice
2 Big Lemon juice
2 Eggs
3 tsp Coffee powder

Henna, paste, mix,
Henna paste after mixing all the ingredients mentioned in the recipe.


First mix henna & Amla powder. Then add lemon juice & turmarind juice in a blender.
At last add the eggs and make the paste smooth& creamy. Keep it overnight or for one whole day.

Hair, head, henna, paste, mix, applied,
Head after application of henna paste.

Apply in the morning, Keep this paste for 2-3 hours on your head. If possible dry with hair dryer on heat setting before washing off your hair.

The color comes out great. From orangish to chocolate brown color.

I hope this recipe comes very helpful and handy for you all. When needed.
Do live your feedback how it goes with you.

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Art on Traditional dresses

People liked my work and I started getting orders.
I have hand painted on many stylish Sudanese ladies costumes which they call Thoub, Toub, Toob or Tiab.

Sudanese Thoub, Thoub, traditional dress, saree,
Sudanese Toub front hand painted.
Toub, fabric painted, saree, flowers,
Sudanese Toub shoulder part hand painted.
Toub, Sudanese, saree, fabric painted,
Sudanese Toub behind head hand painted.

Abayas and shawls. Worked on party dresses as well.

Abaya, black, hand painted, fabric painted, shimmering painted,
Abaya hand designed on front part.
Shawl, scarf, Sheila, stool, black, veil, hand pai
Shawl hand painted and embellished with flower shaped beads & Swarovski crystals.

Some of my hand painted fabric paintings & shimmering paintings.

I hope you enjoyed my Art. Do leave your positive feedback, like & comments.

It helps me improve my Art even better.

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Journey Through Art.

Hi Friends, I Like to share some of my love for Designs & patterns.
I started doing Henna Tattoo Designing from the age of Eleven.
So young you must be thinking… Yes, I was crazy about henna designs from the childhood.
Or I can say gladly that it was a craze inherited from my mother. πŸ˜€
I enjoyed making fine lines in leaves & petals of different flowers. I got a very nice teacher who thought me basic of Henna Designing. And gave so many simple designs to practice.
I practiced, practiced and practiced alot everyday whenever I got free time.
And whenever any special occassion came I did Henna Tattoo Designing for my family, friends & naighbours for few years. Then I worked in a local Beauty Parlour as well for few months. When People began calling & doing advance booking for Henna services, I stopped working in Beauty Parlour continued doing Henna work on booking only.
I also happened to do Bridal Henna for many Arab brides & as well as many Asian brides. Henna has a very special place in Arab culture & now it has become a tradition. Every happy occasion the Arab women loves decorating their hands with beautiful floral Henna Designs. The normal Henna starts getting color from orangish yellow to maroon & to some it gets to dark brownish color naturally. Whereas, The best part of Henna tattooing is, it fades off after few weeks & we can make another new decorative design again in our hands & feet as well. 
Some dark skin women like to do black henna for it to be visible on their skin. But it’s not suitable for everyone. Because they mix chemicals in Henna powder to get black color. And the same black Henna if used by other women, there are chance of having ellergic reactions to the skin area where they apply black henna because of the chemicals in it. 
I have always used Normal Henna for doing Henna Designing & as well as for Henna for Hair Coloring.
I will post some of my super simple Henna Designs & Home made Recipes of Henna paste for many different purposes in my next post soon.
For more easy updates please subscribe this blog. Thank you all.